While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

great blog with printables

on December 14, 2010

Hanna has been copying more and more of what we do. Its quite funny to see a 14 month old mimic you. Makes you really think carefully about the things you say, how you treat others, and what you do. She wants to “help” and be involved in everything. At the same time, she is becoming more independent, definitely a first born. Right now she is sitting next to me in the extra car seat we have trying to put her shoes on..I took one to show her how and she looks at me and goes..AGGH! lol  When Hanna is cranky in a store we remind her that no one wants to hear a screaming baby and ask her to shhh..with our finger over our mouth. Well Hanna’s interpretation of this is her finger shoved into her nose and making the raspberry sound. 🙂 Hey as long as she isn’t screaming, am I right?

Well as I’ve mentioned before she really likes the kitchen…its cute. When Tyler was loading the dishwasher, she ran in with her bowl and spoon so it could be put in to wash. Well we made her some cookies and I was looking for some other easy ones and I found some great ones on this blog…this is definitely a crafty momma!


So cute and washable!

Hanna is also fascinated with diapers..she actually was just trying to diaper Elmo with the little green diaper I made her. Well she decided to stick her hand in her diaper today and came out with a surprise…it was one of the most disgusting mom moments I’ve ever had…

Welp little miss in into everything so I must go! Go check out the Blog!! I printed some already like the orange and the bread..hope to get some made…

Have a great Tuesday!



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