While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

felt + paint + rice = cookies

on December 13, 2010

Well I’m working on another one of Hanna’s Christmas presents today. I should have done it “while she was napping” but… she has been only napping for like 45 minutes the past week so I didn’t want to pull everything out for just a minute. I started working on it last week when I had already dropped her off at the sitter and then was called from work and told I didn’t need to go in (how nice huh?) so I figured since I already had to pay might as well do something productive.  So I cleaned (one of my favorite things to do recently….nesting preggo anyone? and I’m only 1/2 there!) and crafted. It was nice. I don’t remember the last time it was just me at home.

Anyways..back to the present. Hanna has recently shown an interest in cooking stuff. Her daddy being a chef, of course we want to encourage her! Hey if I could make her a felt sewing machine I would…lol

So you guys saw the little apron I made her..and I wanted to make her some felt food so I started easy with cookies. We are going to go to the dollar store and get a baking sheet and spatula and some type of “cookie jar”. Presto easy, cheap, gift.

Heres how I did it if you have a little one who is interested in the same thing and need a last minute gift or want to surprise someone…

First Trace your circles on sheets of felt. I just used one of our glass drinking cups because you can use the scrubber part to get the marker off...

On a funny side note..we have no plastic adult cups in our house. Does that seem strange to anyone else? I mean I like my glasses I just remember when all we had were plastic cups sometimes like during the summer…I just want my cold drink in a plastic cup…back to the tutorial

cut out your circles, remember you are going to sew them together. I cut out enough to make 15 cookies...we are sharing with a friend though

I used craft paint and a pen to make our circles. The paint is acrylic and non-toxic..I know it will come off the bowl. This is a great project if you are making it for older kids or if they are making it for a younger child.


im sure tyler would not be happy to see me using his pen for this lol...

turned out alot better than I imagined!

We are only putting dots on 1/2 of our cut outs, You of course are welcome to do it however you like. Then you sew it together turn it right-side out and fill with rice, beans, stuffing, etc. You pretty much making a bean bag. Then stitch it closed. I’ll be sure to show a photo once its finished and dried.

In other news..Hanna has found a new favorite snack..”pop pop” or popcorn. She sits in her chair with a cup of it and just jabbers. She also waves her hand and goes ewww..like I do when she has a nasty diaper which thanks to Soy milk is quite often but I think her stomache is adjusting.

Welp gotta go! She bellows! 🙂

Hope you have a great day!



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