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16 days until Christmas

on December 9, 2010

i don’t know why we wait until the last minute to buy our gifts.  Each year Ty and I say were gonna buy through out the year and then we won’t be so rushed and every year..we get to about here and still have gifts to buy! So far we have 3 left, and Hanna. I’m handmaking two more of Hanna’s and then I’m seriously going to the dollar store to get some little things. Maybe that makes me a bad mom but I think..1) she will love anything I get her. 2) i handmade some of her gifts, that takes time which takes away from the bad mom-ness. lol I know this is the last “Kid” christmas we will be able to get away with not doing a whole lot with Kyle on the way and Hanna getting bigger so I’m choosing to embrace it.

I did find a DIY that look pretty amazing if you are wanting to make a gift/ and they have a give away..maybe you’ve finished your store runs…

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE prudentbaby.com because I do. Its a site I look at daily thats how much I love it. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get extra news and early! Right now they have a giveaway:

I entered all you have to do is comment on this post what your famous dish is…I did mine…Pioneer Woman of course, in hopes of winning the book for Tyler.

They also had this which I’m hoping I’ll have time to try…I could totally see if embroidered with his name or something like that..maybe for my MIL…lets see if I have time…I know I have a million things I want to try! Heres the link if you have time 🙂


Well my child has finished her carrots..and is hollering “ma…ma..ma..moommmeee” lol. and now there are kisses…lol She knows how to work it…Have a great day!



2 responses to “16 days until Christmas

  1. thanks for the giveaway tip! good luck finishing shopping….you are far ahead of me 🙂

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