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The Little Apron

on December 6, 2010

So I did it made one of Hanna’s gifts and it is to cute I may make her another…

I got the link from here http://sewliberated.typepad.com/Montessori%20Childs%20Apron.pdf but I completed changed it..but if you are learning and have an older child its a FANTASTIC link. I just adjusted ours since Hanna is so little, and I wanted hers to be reversible.

Chef Hanna side

Daddy's Helper Side

I put Hanna’s jacket on top of the pattern to see how much bigger it was than what I needed (Hanna is in 18mons to 2T depending on the make of clothes). The top part was perfect I just make the “scoop” for the arms and side of her body a little smaller and I didn’t use the straps in the directions. I love that it can be where the child can put it on themselves with no adult assistance but my child right now would be fascinated with the velcro lol … I also wanted it to be reversible and didn’t want a velcro mark on it….So I just used some ribbon ties we are going to be switching out in her room anyways…I didn’t think that Baby Brother Kyle would appreciate the Pink Ties 🙂 Then I embroidered the sayings I wanted…and then sewed it up.

Its so hard not to just give it to her!! I have a million projects to “finish” I have off until Thursday so I have 2 projects down, need to finish a little blanket for Tyler’s cousin who just had the most beautiful baby boy…then I can create. Still wanting to do the hexagon quilt too..theres to much in the craft world I want to try!! lol 🙂

and lastly I just needed to share her "ramsey" face with you

If anyone is interested in one for your little one for Christmas let me know! Its super easy and we are all about helpers in the kitchen and homemade gifts! 🙂 You can leave a comment or email: mcwescotts@yahoo.com. 🙂

Well miss “chef” is sleepy so Ty is changing her and I’m gonna go get her a B…anyone have a suggestion how to get her down for the night without a B-o-t-t-l-e…besides the screaming method….lol



2 responses to “The Little Apron

  1. she’s adorable! what a cute idea! thanks!

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