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obsessed with diapers

on December 1, 2010

my child just threw a fit because I wouldn’t let her have a diaper for…..Her Violet.

So I gave in and gave her a diaper. there is now peace in my house.  we’ve recently been working on dressing and covering her stuffed animals (ok so she does have dolls she just mostly plays with Violet and Elmo).  So in case there are any other mommy’s out there with the same issue…here is a great link that I will be trying..


We are thinking for Hanna, we are going to just get her 5-6 gifts from us. I have an Elmo hiding in the laundry room. She always gets so much, she got a ton from my parents and brother and sister and we have yet to go to Tyler’s family. We really need to go through and get rid of some toys, put them away for Baby Brother Kyle, or box them up and send them to Ry Ry (our best friends son).

Here are some ideas I have for her gifts:


I’m almost certain I could figure this out and do it myself for her….if not $19.95 isn’t to bad for a learning toy.

I also would like to make her a cloth book with textures…http://www.savvysource.com/activities/activity_b754_texture-book but maybe jazzed up a bit. MOre like this.. http://bkids.typepad.com/bookhoucraftprojects/2009/10/project-38-texture-words-book-.html

And some Hanna kitchen stuff..because this girl loves her bowl and spoon..maybe an apron 🙂

She makes her daddy so proud! 🙂

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday….now I have a REAL diaper to change! lol




2 responses to “obsessed with diapers

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hey Girl! I LOVE those diapers…man I sure would love for u to come & teach me how to sew! && I want to get sydney a apron too!

    • aww carolyn…lets see how Hanna’s turn out if they are super easy I’ll make Sydney some too 🙂 same with the apron…I’ll post how ours turn out….most of my sewing adventures are just that adventures not being afraid to try! and great links and blogs like this…although lately time seems to be the thing that gets me..Hanna is getting so busy..I’m really afraid when we have TWO! lol

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