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Cute Baby Boy Finds

on November 30, 2010

So I have started my search for finding cute things I can make for Kyle….I plan on doing the Baby Tie shirt but for the most part thats all I could find (how discouraging). But I found this “freezer paper stenciling” on a few websites that looks really promising..This one has the complete DIY:


This is the easiest little pattern I have seen for a hooded towel! How sweet!! Hanna has a “chick” one we are passing down..and a pink bunny that will probably be used because lets face it sometimes a towel is a towel….but I’d love to make some more for Hanna too..I really like that the little hood is sooo easy to dry her hair and she likes to wear it. I think that this would make a great gift as well.


Has anyone seen one of these? A Gocco machine…looks pretty amazing..but kinda like a kids toy? I think Tyler might kill me if I add another crafty machine to my wishlist. …Ha ha but it worth looking at right??? I can admire…and research!! 🙂

Look at all that she did here… http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/gocco.html

I may have found another great website…good surfing day 🙂

Hope you are all having a great day!



One response to “Cute Baby Boy Finds

  1. I have a gocco. Supplies are expensive since they don’t make them anymore. I’ve only used my machine once. Pathetic, I know. I should definitely use it more–I think I’ll add that to my list of to-dos for next year.

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