While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

oh so very tired…

on November 20, 2010

welp in the past two days..I’ve worked 19 hours. Nice huh? Thats normally how many hours I have in a whole schedule week. so needless to say my body is tired..and I have to work tomorrow 😉 at least I’m working 6-9:30..I can let little Baby Kyle rest during the day…and hopefully Miss Hanna will be content to play..she usually is but I think she getting a little cold. I missed getting to see her today. I hate those days.

So…what have I been working on..nothing. lol. I actually been cutting out lots of stockings so I can sew some for the Cano family tomorrow. I have known Marie since we were in…the 3rd grade I think? She has a beautiful family and I’m really excited to make her stocking for Christmas. I have to have them to her before Thanksgiving so she can decorate. I’ll post photos soon.

In other news I’m thinking of going to Goodwill to get an inexpensive Bread Machine (I should really just ask my mom for hers). The more I think about it and all the yummy things that could come out of that I get excited..so I think if we go to Goodwill I won’t feel horrible if it doesn’t work out.

I’m excited for my family to get here this next week! Still looking for a theme for the kids room…what about a jungle theme? I was thinking that would be super cute..my little monkies 🙂 I could go get some greenery and put it over the 3 closet doors..put some on the fans…then we could keep Hanna’s Butterflies and the green..just add to it…Tyler says he doesn’t care so the more I think about it the more I like it…

Looks like were going to do a “Be My Valentine” Baby Shower in February for Kyle at my moms! I have lots ideas i hope we picked a weekend that will be good for everyone…

I promise to blog more this week…just been tired..this preggo needed a break 🙂 Hope everyone has had a great week…anyone working on anything creative?? I wanna see I wanna see 🙂 ha ha..

Hope the weekend treats you marvelous darling!



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