While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

still in my jamas

on November 17, 2010

yep I’m still in my jams….haven’t put on real clothes yet for the day…isn’t that what having a day off is all about.

Its been a great mommy and Hanna day. While she was napping, I cut out stockings from material. (Preview to come soon) I am making 5 for a friend and some for our family.

When we moved from El Paso my Rotary Cutting mat was lost..I hope wherever it is, its being used. But in reality its probably flat on a truck being walked on without anyone knowing its value.

Well the other day I came home and to my surprise..Tyler has bought me a new one 🙂 and some beautiful PINK embroidery thread. Have I mentioned how blessed I am lately? Cause I’m pretty sure I’m the most blessed wife ever.

We celebrate 2 years on TUESDAY..so the next few days will be spent trying to figure out a gift. We are sticking to the cotton theme so I gotta get creative…any suggestions are welcome! pleeeease! lol

well right now my dear sweet daughter is lifting my shirt squealing in delight that she has found my “belly button” and then giving baby kyle a kiss…

Were working on how to say Baby…and not hiding out under the desk and playing with wires…lol

Gotta Run!


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