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Its a boy…

on November 12, 2010

So we just found out today that its a boy! 🙂 Kyle Lewis will be here early April (we hope!) unless he is like his sister and takes his sweet time. On a funny note when I told Hanna in the car (her dad told her in the house when he picked her up..it was raining so I didn’t go in) she looked at me in disgust. lol…I told her to take it up with her daddy!

Now what to do about this room….We have it done in green and yellow for Hanna. She had a duck theme in El Paso, now its kinda green and butterflies with a few ducks throughout. There is a 99% chance they will be sharing a room. We haven’t really started to look at other places to live. We just looked at one apartment and its just across the street, its a little bit bigger than ours is right now and its only 15 more a month. It would still be a 2 bedroom I know Tyler won’t start to worry about it until…month 5 1/2…we only have a 6 month lease right now. lol

So I started looking at themes…If we do the football/cheerleader theme it will be Bears. I have to be true to my hub. I kinda like orange and navy too ..I found this sample…

So cute!  I think I could make a lot of the stuff…Just gotta find more cheerstuff for hanna so its not over taken by the football aspect…I just want it to be a fun room for them…

I kinda like the idea of doing just colors too..we could do orange and bright blue???? I think thats pretty gender neutral..

Any suggestions? Amanda


One response to “Its a boy…

  1. Casey says:

    that is a cute idea for sharing a room and I can get a hold of any bears gear for you 🙂 let me know I will look for more cheer gear for hanna

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