While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

a little thing we call Thanksgiving Awareness

on November 8, 2010

ok so today I logged on to facebook…and I saw 2 Christmas trees put up..really? really? my heart sank. there is a little holiday between Halloween and Christmas known as thanksgiving so..I thought I’d put some DIY thanksgiving crafts/decorations maybe that will help Thanksigivng Cheer…lol

great for older kids!

I’m so thankful for creative people who blog their fall crafts! 🙂

In other news..the Mocktail went good. I was the last one in heels….I’m also 5 months pregnant! take that youngins… in frustrating news..we found out our babysitter got another job, which I can’t blame her just wish we would of had a little notice since we don’t know a ton of people here in Lawton.

Today was the Grand Opening at our church for the new Childrens Wing. There were so many people! (I didn’t handle Hanna wanting to walk about with everyone very well lol) Its different going to a big church but I love that Hanna is so happy when we go there! Her little smile, she even went and gave a greeter a hug today, it was so sweet. Of course she was probably also the first child to lose her name tag and get it stuck on the beautiful new floor..lol luckily WE found it and not someone else..

Hope you guys had a great Family Sunday!



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