While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

check my list..

on November 6, 2010

so i had a lot to do today and I thought when I pushed snooze on the alarm I would fall back asleep and be all super late in getting what I need to get done…well done. Unfortunately I can no longer sleep in. I also find I have a hard time falling asleep at all..maybe its a pregnancy thing..its not because I’m not tired..

So Iwas up at 7:30..I know not early for some but for me it was. Hey I beat little H up this morning. Her daddy were snuggled in bed when I got up..so cute. It lasted about 8 minutes and then they were down stairs. lol

So I got up and dipped the cake balls I made yesterday in chocolate so they could set and be ready because today is the Mocktail party at work.

Then I attempted to make Tyler some Tomato Dumpling Soup which he says turned out great but..the dumplings fell apart and the cheese was just in the soup. It was yummy though.

So thanks to our great friends we got to go on a date last night, we started to late so we didn’t make the movie. So we went to Applebees and the mall. We stopped by motherhood so I could look at dresses because I just wasn’t feeling very confident about the one I have (I think its a little short with the bump)

Well I went back this morning to get one and here is it…

Its cute. Not the most glamorous but since I’m going to have to be working anyways it’ll get the job done. They had some cute other dresses cotton dresses I could totally wear for work for 15…have to wait but they were super cute and warm…since its freezing…

Welp I need to go finish up some laundry…no DIYs and how to just a life update…its a lazy blog for a lazy Saturday! 🙂

don’t forget to set your clock back 🙂



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