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Bib Tutorial

on November 4, 2010

So I promised a Bib tutorial after using patterns from others I found an easy way to do it…

1 yard Terry Cloth (You can pick the color) Mine cost 5.99 a yard at Joann’s.
Bias Tape Double Fold (again your choice of color)
A bib
Sewing machine

Heres what I did:

Fold a bib in half and pin to the material at the fold.

I got 10 bibs out of my 1 yard of terry cloth, because I just folded it a little at the time and cut. I like using the terry cloth because its towel material and I cleans that little face so good and its durable. When you cut it though..its messy..get your vacuum cleaner ready!!

You can cut it a little larger than the bib if you want...your choice

Now to add the Bias Tape…I’m gonna be honest I’m still new to this whole process but the more I use Bias Tape the more I like it…I used this tutorial to learn..her photos are way better than mine so I leave you in the skilled hands of Prudent Baby..who I read everyday..several times a day..I’m an addict what can I say! If theres a support group point me in their direction so we can discuss the cuteness on her blog!


Heres a photo of mine:

Then you just sew your closure on! 🙂 Easy as can be. I want to make Hanna and her new little baby some dishcloth bibs but I think its going to have to wait until after Christmas…or April! Ha Ha..

Funny story…So Hanna who some days is quite happy to play independently is always very interested when the machines are out..who wouldn’t be? well sometimes i let her put her foot on top of mine when I sew…and today she threw a fit when we were finished…lol. Made my heart so proud. 😉 My little craft genius in training!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Amanda (and my trusty side kick Hanna!)


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