While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

because there are other names than grandma

on November 3, 2010

so today after breakfast….I was looking through some photos of my best friends mom’s and I came across a photo of her newest little grand who was wearing a I love Grandma bib. Now this bib must have been meant for his other grandma because anyone who knows Tammy knows she is “honey”.

Its the sweetest thing too! When we were there in August, Heathers little boy would sweetly run around calling for “honey”. 🙂 I love it. My own parents do not go by traditional grandparent names. My dad is G-PA (how thug huh? lol) and my mom is grammy (she wanted desperately to be granny…but we informed her there could only be on granny that was our great grandma so she went with grammy..) Tylers parents are gramps and grandma Kitty (his moms name is kathy)….anyways..back to the bibs.

I don’t think its fair that there aren’t bibs for those grands who have sweet affectionate names like “honey” so I pulled out my dear friend..the embroidery machine and created this for sweet little Tyler…

ta da!

Well she emailed me and I have 14 more bibs to make for her friends 😉 How fun and perfect timing since I have zero, thats right count em zero hours at work this week…just crafting! Did I tell you they were paying for the bibs? I’m in heaven! So here are two that I finished..

cute as a button...corny i know!

So..2 down 12 to go 🙂 I think I’ll have a tutorial how to make a bib because I”ll need more blank bibs and there were none in Lawton…so strange. Apparently they carry them at JoAnn’s 3 for $6…last time I got 10 for $10 at KMart…but alas there were none at KMart…

So…what adoring names do you have for your grandparents?


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