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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

a beautiful Fall Day!

on November 1, 2010

Today was beautiful…

Hanna and I got up had breakfast, then got dressed and went to WalMart.  Visited the Coin Star which is kinda disappointing. We had to pay like $4 for $50 worth of coins because we don’t have a local bank here.  But Hanna enjoyed watching all the coins go in and the noise. Got groceries, in and out. I love WalMart here so much better than in El Paso. Its clean, its fast, its never crowded. I actually don’t cringe at the thought of going.  Then came home, lunch put H down for a nap did some laundry, made lunch for me and Tyler.

Then we took Hanna to play at the playground. Today my sweet baby girl got her first playground injury. Her little nose is all scratched up. Won’t be the last I’m afraid, this girl is ruthless on the slide!

Me (18 weeks preggo) and my Hanna Bug

Shes so cute, she kept trying to get all the leaves off of the stairs before she would go up them…needless to say we were there for a while, ha ha…

She loved getting to the bottom of the slide and then trying to climb back up the slide…She just giggled and giggled. It was hilarious! I loved every moment of it!

And now we are making some delicious Taco Soup…YUM!

doesn't it look delicious in its simmering glory

Wanna Try It..Here you go..If I can do it..anyone can do it!

1 lb of HB meat or Turkey Meat (I don’t think you can tell the difference)

1 pk of taco seasoning

1 pk of ranch dressing powder

1 can of Ranch Style Beans

1 can of sweet kernal corn

1 can of mild Rotel (we use GV tomatoes and green chilis cause were whimps cant take the heat and its cheap!)

Shredded cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips


Brown your HB meat, and follow directions on the Taco Seasoning. Once that is complete add corn (you don’t need to drain it), add rotel (again no need to drain), add ranch style beans (you guessed it..no draining). On top add Ranch.  Stir it up and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.


Put chips in the bowl, then Taco Soup, and top with the toppings of your choice. We love Sour cream on ours. Thats actually what were waiting on right now..Tyler to get back with the yum..

Hope you enjoy! Whats some of your favorite Fall Recipes?



One response to “a beautiful Fall Day!

  1. That’s almost the same taco soup recipe we use. It is so good! (and we feel the same way about the sour cream.)

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