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Decisions Decisions

on October 29, 2010

Well I am trying to decide how I want to do this quilt. I’m also trying to make sure I finish the other blanket I started before I start a new project. Look at me being all craft responsible.  : )

So I downloaded those sheets that are at texasfreckles.com and did a few designs. I think I could do different materials and just join the similar colors..what do you think? Anyways I asked Tyler to help me make a decision however he didn’t so…

Here are the three that I did…trying to keep it gender friendly since we don’t know what we are having….

Choice One: A simple Rainbow....

On a side note..please dont judge my coloring…its been a while since those cornerstone days and my markers were kinda dry…

Choice 2: Tyler is a fan of Orange and I guess orange is gender friendly...I can decide if I want those white spots to be a color or not...

and finally….

Choice 3: I like this one because I think it would give little baby no name lots to look at..not sure if I would use white or a softer color for the solid spaces...

Ok I need help…..please!!!

Have a Happy Friday!



3 responses to “Decisions Decisions

  1. Lisa B. says:

    I like 2 and 3. 🙂

  2. I like #2. I like the diagonal and lots of white.

  3. I think I will do number 2…thanks girls!

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