While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

lazy thursday

on October 28, 2010

i’m off for two days! yay!

well i printed off the printable sheets for the Hexagon Charm Throw that i have decided that i would like to do for  my next project.  when it comes to quilting i am a COMPLETE newbie. but i did enjoy the last one that i did.  so when i don’t know what something is i generally turn to my dear internet bff….google. my first question was…what is a charm quilt?

i’m so glad you asked…here is what i found:

  • A charm quilt is made up of many pieces of fabric. No one fabric is repeated. Often charm quilts are also classified as one patch quilts.
  • A pieced quilt created from charm squares, or pieces of fabric given or donated to the maker. A true charm quilt does not repeat a piece of fabric more than once.
  • A quilt made using one single repeated shape such as a triangle or hexagon, where every shape is cut from a different piece of fabric. No fabric is repeated in the quilt.
  • Quilts made from a single shape (square, triangle, etc.) utilizing many small pieces of fabric, where no two patches are from the same fabric.
  • A quilt made of many, many small patches (traditionally 2″ or so) where each piece is a different fabric. The pattern is usually a one-patch design and often involves swaps and trades with friends to gather many fabrics.

SO..here is my situation. i don’t know if i can really make it a “charm” quilt.  I also have a weird thing about being matchy matchy so I might have to say that I am just making a Hexagon throw. I also don’t know a bunch of people who sew or do fabric swaps i’m sure i could join an online group…i don’t know that i’m confident enough in myself. what to do what to do. i do think that a “Charm” quilt would be amazing for little baby no name especially at tummy time because then its something intriguing to look at….augghh i can’t decide. any suggestions?

In other news i worked on a crochet blanket for tylers cousin who is having a baby boy in december…

yes I did use Hanna's car to set these on....

Its the softest yarn. I love to crochet with it.I can’t think of the name..I think its Caron? I know its recycled, which makes me love it more.  I love crocheting more and more and learning new technique. when i first learned how to make this granny square and how to join them i was on cloud nine. i actually had put these away while working on them when the fam was here because I didn’t want everyone to think we were having a boy. did i mention that we find out nov 12…hopefully pending work schedule.  so excited.

welp if anyone has any ideas about this throw charm thing let me know! hope you guys have a great rest of the week!




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