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DIY Christmas Gifts

on October 26, 2010

Ok so if you truly know me.. you know that I am an avid fan of THANKSGIVING.

In college my fabulous roomie Heather and I would make Hand Turkeys and put them on our dorm room door. My husband buys me a Thanksgiving Gift. I have buckets of fall decorations, most of my favorite colors are fall colors. I tried to convince my husband to make our Wedding Day, Thanksgiving Day, we were married the week before. And most of all we do not mention the “C” holiday during Thanksgiving awareness.


being a mom, I now must surrender and begin to look at “C” gifts before the end of November. Especially when you have 2 families to buy for. So,  if there is an opportunity we try to do DIY (Do-It-Yourself) gifts for several reasons…

1.) who doesn’t like a homemade gift? (Ok my mind just went to like 5 people) but for the most part if its done right people like homemade gifts.

2.) its less $$$$

3.) I don’t have to get out in a stinkin store…those people on Black Friday are crazy.

So I started looking for some today and thought I would share…

Hair Bows!

how cute is this!

Well these two beauties can be found at:


You can also try this website which is what I would call a homemade haven of great gifts..


I actually am in the process of opening my own Etsy store, its my goal for the new year to open a little online space with homemade goodies…corny maybe but its something I enjoy and if I can craft stay home and make some cash … I’m in!

I love these socks. Hanna’s socks are still so little it would be so hard but if you have a little girl who is like 5 and you want to doll her up with bows and matching socks…I bet she would be in Heaven! I remember when we were little we had a friend whos mom made us socks with beads on them I think Amy and I had about a million pairs!




So here are three ideas you can do for a BOY or GIRL. I think sometimes we think DIY and go straight to GIRL world but those baby boys need some love too and these are 3 ideas that are all things that moms need. Bibs, Burp cloths, and onesies. DONE. 🙂

and for the olders:


Here is where I’m getting these for the olders! Great ideas! Maybe this will get you thinking before you try to stress out and run to the craziness of holiday shoppers. The way we look at it too is that I can give more if I give smart.

Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday! what are your favorite DIY gifts to give?? come on share the wealth!



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