While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Its raining…correction…ITS POURING…

on October 22, 2010

It looks like it is 6:00am outside and really its 10:20…crazy. We woke up at around 2:00am to some crazy thunder and then little miss decided that she would wake up at 7 which is about 1 1/2 earlier so guess who is napping now!

I haven’t worked on Pebbles yet, I’m going to start this afternoon. I closed in Chickasha (about 45 minutes away) forgot to get gas on the way there…well if you live in Oklahoma you know that once you are on 44 there is no turning back….I had never been so happy to see a Valero in all my life..the gas light was on. Got home around 1:45 am and then up and attem at 7:00 to get Hanna to the baby sitter to work an 8 hour. So…I was tired yesterday and crashed at 8:30. Were getting old..

So I’m reading MOM blogs this morning seeing what is out there on the web.I always enjoy doing this on rainy days. I just need a coffee and it would be perfect..but no coffee for this preggo!

Here are some neat links I found…

I haven’t ever read this blog before but she has a tutorial for a cute ruffle dress that is made out of recycled TShirts..I love the idea of not spending tons at the fabric store. Especially since there are so many things I’m still learning


I guess I should have put the actual blog this came from but its fun to read are a review while you are searching a pattern, nothing better than hearing if something is good or bad from someone else. I must admit I think this looks so cute closed, I think it really appeals to pregnant women (if a little longer) I saw a pattern (McCalls…only $.99 patterns at Joanns right now…I should work in their marketing!) but I must admit I’m terrify to sew knit. It moves and I know my sweet cotton blend will stay still while I work with it…maybe soon I will get up the courage.

Here is a cute tutorial for those who have little ones who will be going trick or treaters or to fall festivals. We haven’t decided what we will be doing. but it has been discussed to purchase candy and turn off the porch light and eat it all ourselves! Tyler informed me the other day..that he will be in charge of costumes so…we will see if Miss Banana gets dressed up…

and last but not least…

A friend from SAGU makes the cutest things! She is also the reason I found the beloved Pioneer Woman..YUM! These growth charts are super cute!

Well I should get off here watch some DVR while I work on Pebbles. I’ll be back. I have all day off so hopefully I’ll get some stuff done.

Whats your favorite blog? Find any great tutorials????
🙂 Amanda


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