While You Were Napping

lets be honest, i wish they were napping


on October 22, 2010

so I definitely can tell I have not done a tutorial before….because I keep forgetting to get my memory stick out of the laptop before starting..I was so proud of myself this time though for remembering my camera.

So..I started with the Bloomers for Pebbles. I used this pattern that is available for printing at Prudent Baby…


I had intended to use it on some outfits I made but never did. I like her patterns because I can save them to my computer creating less mess in the craft bins.

cut out template and lay on the fabric to cut out. I cut a little bigger since Brook is a 3T and this is for 18-24 months.

I had already cut my elastic. She is a 19 1/2 waist and 12″ thigh so I cut it a little shorter than that but made sure it would stretch to what we needed.

waist, and legs

Once I cut the fabric out I added a special touch so Brook will always remember what she was this year

so cute!

then I sewed the straight edges together.

hopefully you can see the green thread

after than I did a fold on the top for the elastic to go in..**Leave a hole for your elastic**.

I would suggest using pins. some reason when i put pins in the end up poking me...maybe because i'm a lefty..idk

my fabulous elastic stringer was not here…hes at work..BOO…so I safety pinned on end to the fabric and put another pin at the end to help guide it through. worked out good…not as good as me not having to do it but hey whats a girl to do..

then insert the elastic in the hole and start to stuffing...

then once both pieces are through you can sew the elastic together like we did for Bam Bam and then sew up the hole.

You want to repeat the process with the leggies…

these turned out much cuter than I thought...

see way cute...

ok set those aside because you have got a project in front of you…the top…{enter scary entrance here}..ok its not that scary.

What I did was first get Brook’s measurements from Faith, so that I would have a starting place..then I attempted to draw up a pattern. Please let it be known..I am not a pattern maker but I needed something its not perfect..don’t judge me..I tried..

Really its just a guide I ended up editing the arm holes because I was afraid that it wouldn't fit her

So then I cut it out and pinned it to my fabric. You want to cut out two.

I cut it about 3 inches past the paper

Here it is..

impressive I know lol..

ok friends stop here..don’t do what I did and continue on..learn from my mistake young grasshopper…Pin your felt triangles on and sew them suckers on….then go forward otherwise you will be like me and hand sewing them on while you watch TV tonight..once they are on..continue

You should sew a hem on all of your rough edges. Then seam up the straight edges

once all the edges are done what I did was cut a slit in the back I used pinking sheers (Is that how your spell that??I have no idea) I did this because it wouldn’t fit over Hanna’s head and I know it needs to at least go on Brooks! So..

I don't know that its the most professional fix but it works for the purpose of a halloween costume

So since I was in a hurry I just pinned my triangles on so I could post..

i hope it fits i hope it fits i hope it fits...

and the back

So cute!

So I’m going to sew on the triangles and then tomorrow hopefully my great Hubs will take it to the post office for me..

Reflecting back there is so much I have to learn! I want to know more about sizes like how to know what will work or what measurements are needed for sure. I think it would be cool to learn more about pattern making too..Ive tried web searches..any suggestions??

Well hope you like it! more importantly I hope Brook likes it 🙂

so what are your little ones or you going to be for Halloween? Any home made outfit ideas??



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