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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

1 down 1 to go

on October 20, 2010

the bam bam is complete…now all I need is to finish Pebbles. Miss H decided to take her nap a little early today so I’m going to work on Pebbles tomorrow I have some high traffic carpet that needs to be Resolved before she wakes up…

ok on to Bam Bam…

I went yesterday to JoAnn’s to get the brown piece of material that goes over the shoulder I found this great piece of furry would have been so cute…yeah at 14.99 a yard…DREAM on not for a 2 year old. So i was beginning to think well maybe a hand towel..but before I left I went to my favorite section…the remnants that were 50% off also. I found a soft brown..no idea what kinda of fabric it is (i’m so new in this world..can you tell) but…it cost me…1.07. works for me!!!

it looks so nice with the Orange 🙂

I measured the piece on Hanna..I knew it needed to be a little bit bigger because JJ is a little bit bigger than her since hes in a 2T

I folded the piece over and cut so I could create a tube, I want it to be nice and soft for him…

ooo...awww.. ha ha..there is one shiny side and one felt looking side, i used the shiny side for my outside...

Then I pinned it to the orange skirt part and sewed them together..

sew sew sew

So once that side is attached you want to do the other side. I wanted to make sure there was a bone on the other side…don’t make fun of my bone! its the white felt that I had left from another project. again its for a two year old. So what I did was pin together the orange skirt, brown piece, and white bone. I also changed the thread color to white (mom will be so proud)

its a lot of material so go slowly! I did a straight stitch across and then used the reverse just to make sure its on really good.


of course its not near as cute as this..or as it will be on JJ..

Shes a model in training!!

Now on to Pebbles…See ya tomorrow friends 🙂


One response to “1 down 1 to go

  1. Memaw says:

    U r getting really creative… U GO GIRL!!!! Looks great… Love ur model…love u

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