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lets be honest, i wish they were napping

Flintstones…meet the flintstones…PART 1

on October 18, 2010

So…I was asked by someone I adore to make costumes for her niece and nephew…how could I say no! Especially when they are going to be Pebbles and Bam Bam!!

I figured if I can do it with no pattern this is an easy costume idea for moms who don’t want to spend a lot of $$ but have some time..plus I think kids love things more when they come from mom..I mean my own has never told me but I know I do!

I plan to do most of it during glorious naptime and probably when Hanna is asleep at night… So here is the first step…

**ON a side note –Joanns fabrics is having a FABULOUS SALE…I mean OMG Sale…Tyler had to give me a time limit when I was just going to run in and get the material…

Ok back to the flintstones…

First thing I did was go get my materials:
Pebbles: (3T)
1 1/2 yards of Lime Green Cotton (easy to work with and wash)
Green Thread
1 Piece of Black Felt
Black Thread
1/2 yard of Black Cotton Material
Elastic for black bloomers
1 piece white felt (gotta make a bone bow)
1 Alligator Clip of Clip of your choice
Hot Glue Gun & Glue (a girls best friend)

Bam Bam (2T)
1 yard Orange Material
Orange Thread
1 piece black felt
Black Thread
1/2 yard of Brown furry material
1 piece White Felt
Snaps or velcro

**I think this is all I will need. If I add anything I will add it…and apologize 🙂

So the first thing that I did was cut all of those lovely black felt triangles for Pebbles and Bam Bam…

I wanted to used every piece so here is how i cut them..

Step 1: Fold felt piece in half

Step 2: Fold to a quarter

Step 3: Cut at an angle to make a triangle, and then cut across to create another triangle

If you're smart you'll remember that you have a rotary cutter and it will go much faster!

and then….

Beautiful spots for your outfits...

and now I’m off to search for my cutting matt..I haven’t had a chance to use it since we moved and now I fear it was lost in the move. I’m praying I’ll get a text from the hubs reminding me where it is…say a prayer!!

Have a yabadabdooo type day 🙂


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